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You should pay attention to the way______you stand and sit.

A. of      B. that    C.which      D.how




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aim 和 goal 和 ambition 和 objective 有什么区别

Aim means a general thing you are working toward.

A goal is a specific thing you are working toward.

An ambition is a goal (specific) that will elevate you socially or financially.

I aim to write better.

My goal is to make complete sentences with proper punctuation.

My ambition is to become a senator. My friends think I am too ambitious.

Ambition can be defined as a striving for (努力) achievement or distinction, and involves, first, the desire for achievement, and, second, the willingness to work towards it even in the face of adversity (逆境) or failure (Burton, 2020).

She was intelligent but suffered from a lack of ambition. 她很聪明,但却缺乏远大志向。

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2020 丝路商贸英语(义乌工商职业技术学院) 最新满分章节测试答案

M1 Getting to know B&R Test M1

1、 问题:BRI refers to Belt and Road Initiative proposed by Chinese President Xi Jinping. When and where was BRI mentioned for the first time?
A:2013, Pakistan.
B:2014, Kazakhstan.
C:2013, Kyrgyzstan.
D: 2013, Kazakhstan.
答案: 【 2013, Kazakhstan.


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decline 和 downfall 有什么区别?如果难以说明的话,请教我一下例句。

They’re similar. “Decline” indicates a slower event that happens over a longer period of time that may lead to a “downfall”. For example: The city’s decline of income ultimately led to its downfall.

In other context they’re interchangeable. For example: “The downfall/decline of the Roman Empire took place over ten years.”


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May-December Marriage

今天看书的时候看到了一个英语谚语叫“May-December marriage”,意思是“老夫少妻式的婚姻”。就很好奇,这和五月,十二月有什么关系呢?背后有什么故事吗?


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