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难倒英语专业的42个翻译句子 你会吗?

1.Do you have a family?


  2.It's a good father that knows his son.


  3.I have no opinion of that sort of man.


  4.She put 5 dollars into my hand,"you have been a great man today."


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The first solar cell was birthed in Europe in 50s of last century. Sixty years passed, today we can make good use of this clean energy, what a relief! When we are worrying about the gradual-exhaustion of petroleum and coal resources and the environmental pressure, the development and usage of solar energy give us hope of new energy.

[附注]太阳能电池板 solar cell,我查找了许多电子学词汇,生物学上的cell(细胞)一次可以作为电池的”电芯”和”电池板”.

It is another a relief that we see the rapid progress of Asia solar photovoltaic industry, specially that of China. This is not only depending on governmental investment and support, but also the rapid progress and profit-increasing of the whole industry. We are also very exciting to see the imagine of Chinese enterprises in the 21th European Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition, who won world-wide attention and proud of orders with their wide-range products species, solute price advantage, and fully new manufacturing process.

如今,亚洲区域也成立了自己的光伏太阳能展览会,对此,我们十分关注,我们衷心希望“2007 Asia Solar-Energy And Pv-Project Exhibition”成为亚洲企业交流的良好场所,成为联系欧亚两大洲际光伏产业的纽带。

Currently, Asia region has set up its own photovoltaic solar energy conference and exhibition. We are now paying much attention to it, and we sincerely hope that "2007 Asia Solar-Energy And Pv-Project Exhibition" will become a good place for the communication of Asian enterprises, as well as a link between the photovoltaic industries of Europe and Asia.

[附注]我认为光伏太阳能展览会应当翻译成photovoltaic solar energy conference and exhibition,不知道你下面给出的是否是同一个展览会?如果是请把二者变成一致。我觉得采用我的译法不错。



Since the first salar battery was created in Europe in 1950s about 60 years ago, excitingly, nowadays we can make wonderful use of the clean energy. The exploiture and use of Salar energy promises us hope of new type energy while dry out of petroleum and coal depresses the whole world.

We are also gratified to see in Asia area, especially China salar energy and pv-project industry thrive due to not only government invest and support, but also rapid development and profit increase. Excitingly, China companies took part in the 21st Europe Solar-Energy And Pv-Project Exhibition and with the advantage of wide product type range, advantageous price and totally new process technique level, won concern from worldwide nations as well as proud amount of orders.

So far, Asia area has also built up its own solar-energy and pv-project exhibition. It is our very concern and we heartfeltly wish 2007 Asia Solar-Energy And Pv-Project Exhibition to be a splendid plat for Asia companies' communication and the tache link between pv-project industry of Aisa and Europe.



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