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aim 和 goal 和 ambition 和 objective 有什么区别

Aim means a general thing you are working toward.

A goal is a specific thing you are working toward.

An ambition is a goal (specific) that will elevate you socially or financially.

I aim to write better.

My goal is to make complete sentences with proper punctuation.

My ambition is to become a senator. My friends think I am too ambitious.

Ambition can be defined as a striving for (努力) achievement or distinction, and involves, first, the desire for achievement, and, second, the willingness to work towards it even in the face of adversity (逆境) or failure (Burton, 2020).

She was intelligent but suffered from a lack of ambition. 她很聪明,但却缺乏远大志向。

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  • 01 · 获取成功的意愿


在职场上升职(promotion)就是成功的一种表现。由于这种对成功的愿望(willingness to success)或者对成就的渴望(desire for achievement),那么往往有野心的雇员(ambitious employees)不会回避额外的责任(additional responsilities), 从而更容易被依赖去完成目标,然后成功。

Ambition can be an effective motivation to perform better, rise through company ranks and ultimately achieve career success. Oftentimes, ambitious employees are intent on forwarding their positions in a company or otherwise are hard workers who are eager to be challenged and do not shy away(回避) from additional responsibilities. These employees can often be relied upon to meet company objectives(目标) and project deadlines and therefore are more likely to get promoted (Mitrefinch, 2020). (在原文的基础上我做了一些改动使之更加符合题意)


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