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You should pay attention to the way______you stand and sit.

A. of      B. that    C.which      D.how



this 和 that 均可用作程度副词,相当于so,用来修饰形容词或副词。如:

1. that 用作副词,表示“那么”

I wasn’t that clever. 我没有那么聪明。

It isn’t all that cold. 还没冷到那种程度。

I can’t walk that far. 我可走不了那么远。

I don’t want that much. 我不要那么多。

I didn’t realize she was that ill. 我没想到她病得那么重。

Don’t exaggerate! It wasn’t that bad! 别夸张了!没有那么差!

I can’t believe he was that good an actor. 我简直不敢相信他是那么好的一位演员。

It’d be good to be there, but I’m not that fussed. 去那里当然好,不过我无所谓。

You’ve never paid that much attention to her opinions. 你从未如此关注过她的想法。

When you pay that much for a meal you expect the best. 一顿饭花那么多钱是想吃到最好的东西。

2. this 用作副词,表示“这么”

It’s about this high. 约摸这样高。

It’s about this high. 大约有这么高。

Can you afford this much? 你花得起这么多钱吗?

The book is about this thick. 那本书大约有这么厚。

I didn’t think we’d get this far. 我没想到我们会走这么远。

I didn’t think it would be this easy. 我没想到会这样容易。

I’ve never been out this late before. 我从来没在外面待到这么晚。


1. 用于代替“so + 形容词 + a + 名词”中的so

Relax, it's not that big a deal if we're five minutes late. 放松点,我们迟到5分钟也没什么大不了的。

注:此用法主要见于口语或非正式文体中,在正式文体中以用 so 为宜。

2. 用于代替 so…that…中的 so。如:

It was that cold that I could hardly get to sleep. 天这么冷,我简直无法入睡。

注:此用法主要见于口语或非正式文体中,在正式文体中以用 so 为宜。


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